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Interested in selling your house quickly and easily?  We have been buying houses for cash in The Greater Binghamton area since 2016.  We will provide a full property analysis, free of charge.  We can close quickly without hassles from banks or inspectors.  We use local attorneys.  There are probably several paths to getting you cash for your house.  Please contact us to discuss them!

Our Services

BWD Capital provides a wide array of services.  Would you like to sell your home quickly?  Are you interested in renting a home?  Are you an investor who would like to partner with us?  Do you need contracting services?  We have you covered!

Sell your house

Just fill out the contact form, provide us with as much information about your property as possible and let us know why you want to sell it.  We will respond soon with a phone call, email or text message. 

rent a home

We have many quality rentals including single family houses, apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms and fully furnished student housing.  

investor services

We work with wholesalers, agents, landlords and other real estate investors.  We provide short and long term mortgage financing, consultation & property analysis. 

contract services

Rent ready?  Need help renovating your rental or personal home?  We provide select, affordable services for local homeowners, landlords and property managers.  Services include:  junk removal, cleanouts, trim, painting, floor installation, tub refinishing, and more. 

interested in selling your house or property?

how we do what we do


No need to repair, make updates or even clean! We buy houses in any condition.


We purchase in all cash so there are no issues with banks or mortgages.


Without time spent on inspections or third parties, our sales are fast and only involve buyers, sellers and their attorneys.


We know selling a house can sometimes be daunting. We aim to make the process simple. We'll handle all the tough stuff.

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Are you interested in selling property in Broome County? Are you an investor who would like more information about real estate investment opportunities? Are you a seeking a rental unit? We’d love to hear from you.

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